Conor: A Year in Pics

The baker’s dozen +1. A 2018 shortlist of the wee madman who is my world

Without fail this wee guy makes me smile and laugh every single day. Don’t get me wrong, he also knows how to push the buttons, but I sense that comes with the territory and any three-year-old.

Conor is happy, kind and loving. He is vulnerable, sensitive and fun; he is frustrating and tireless all rolled into a single bundle of wonder. Our wee wonder, just as households have their own precious wonders and are unashamedly bias to say so.

They are our reason, they are our everything.

Whittling the pics down from the last 12 months was no easy feat. We were lucky to have shared great moments and memories, and daddy is still learning the importance and vitality memories bring to our existence. All too often we get caught up in the minutiae.

But here we are, a baker’s dozen plus another one for luck. (Ok, I simply bottled it trying to reduce to 12).

Hard to pick a favourite; it could easy be aunty LaLa’s study of Conor giving full attention of his Scottish shortbread in their favourite coffee shop in Stirling. Perhaps Conor’s trademark cheesy on his first day of school nursery should get the nod?

However, for me it’s Conor sitting at the rocks by the Newcastle Centre with Slieve Donard as the backdrop. This cracker is courtesy of Helena, Conor’s bestie and one of our rocks. Another cheeky little smile and a glance off camera captures Conor beautifully in my eyes. Thank you Helena.

Happy New Year to all. Here’s to many more snaps and memories in 2019!


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