Birthday boy an inspiration

A heated birthday boy at Cocos
Nothing like a birthday to set the emotions racing! Sweet jaysus it’s like a pinball machine between the ears. Slow it down. It’s small relief those flippers miss the metal sphere on this occasion

Wee man turned four this week. First thought, how in God’s name did we get here so quick?

Almost two years to the day since we returned to the mother sod from Scotland. The life we once had feels a lifetime away, yet it only feels like yesterday since this bundle of joy, a miracle, came into this world.

I’m sure it’s a common mental juxtaposition. The truth is we are all just looking through ageing eyes. All the more reason to grasp hold of the here and now. Time and tide…

We’ve had an action-packed party weekend. The sort his mum would have revelled in, the kind his dad dreads but knows it had to be done. Man up. No. Man and mum up – it’s not about you. These are memories, four-year-old memories, crucial memories. 

We’re fortunate to have special people around us, they know who they are. Family is everything but flesh and blood doesn’t always ensure a smooth road. What it does mean, however, is that they are always there for each other.

For whatever reason, I’ve never felt closer to family this weekend. It felt easy, it should always be this way, but life sometimes gets in the way.

Anyway, birthday boy! On this sort of weekend, Conor trades in presents only. That in itself is a challenge.

“Conor, whatever you do at Coco’s, remember your manners, say thank you for coming to my party…thank you for my presents. Truth is he just wants to fill the black bin bag – packed full of generosity – and get back to being a sweat box in socks in soft play areas with pals.

Nana has been a trooper this weekend. She felt rotten. And she’ll likely kill me when one of her friends reads and relays this: “What do you mean I’m on the internet?”

A true trojan, effortless swan on the surface, kicking like you know what below to simply keep moving forward. Inspirational. They simply don’t make them like they used to.

A fourth birthday, or any grandchild’s birthday for that matter, will not be missed by nana.

Another wee milestone for the memory banks. Wee guy keeps asking the questions. When told daddy (and mummy) love you, one of Conor’s last thoughts of the day as head hit the pillow was “Why could mummy not come down for my party?” “…because God needs mummy as one of his angels…” or fumbling words to that effect. Four-year-old’s quickly move on. “Daddy, can I bring my new dinosaur to nursery tomorrow?” “Night, night Conor!”  

There has been a sense of calm at Chez Gallagher in recent weeks. The waves still come and go but staying afloat is key.

And as for birthday boy, he remains the inspiration. Another year on the clock simply means more questions! Seriously…never-ending questions. But I’ll take those all day long from my wee pal. The pinball can wait.

2 thoughts on “Birthday boy an inspiration

  1. Christina Colmer McHugh- This is very beautiful but tough to read, and even tougher to write I imagine Paul, but if it’s OK I’d like to share it. Not one of us knows what lies ahead but I bet your little man is so glad to have a daddy like you. Be proud, you’re one hell of an inspiration to us all. Keep going x


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