We are tight little team who stick together and try to appreciate each and every day we have. That’s not something that always comes easy to daddy, but with the help of two sidekicks, Conor and Paddy, we “Keep moving forward”.

Life can be cruel sometimes and in our case we lost our “mummy” and dear wife Gill to the dreaded Big C in September 2016. Gill was first diagnosed in June 2015, two weeks after our son Conor was born. Chemotherapy was followed by surgery and we remained hopeful that there was way out and Gill had beaten this terrible disease.

Unfortunately, the results of a routine scan delivered in June 2016 revealed the cancer was back. Gill was placed on a new immunotherapy trial through the Beatson in Glasgow. However, this didn’t have the desired effect on the illness, which quickly took hold and we lost our beautiful angel on Monday, September 26th, 2016.

Throughout, Gill faced the illness with much dignity and courage but we lost a loving wife, mummy, sister, aunty, daughter-in-law, sister-in law and friend.

Conor may not have got the time a child should have with their mum and Gill certainly didn’t get the time to be with her beautiful son. However, we have since relocated back to the mother sod and to daddy’s home town of Newcastle, Co Down.

It is from here we try to build new chapters, create new memories and have some laughs along the way. There are still plenty of laughs to be had, especially with these two messers (I refer directly to Conor and Paddy!).

Without them I would be nothing. Sure, they give headaches and worry aplenty but they also give reason.

Please feel free to drop in on our blog from time to time as we keep moving forward.