Potty and poo the priority

Potty Training
Spuds have come to the boil, salmon is ready to plate, veg is spot on, but no “daddy, daddy, bum bum”.

Yip, down tools, there are way more important matters to tend to round these parts just now!

We’re back on the potty training bus just now. Many of you will know we had one false dawn last year and daddy never plucked up the courage to get back on the horse.

“Conor needs more time,” I convinced myself, punting for the easier nappy option. Nappy, easier option? Never thought I’d utter those words.

The wee funny guy will turn three in several months and already he’s buying and selling his oul da. We blether away now, proper chats – and plenty of giggles. That got me thinking, it’s high time we sorted this pants and potty training. He’s ready. Pre-school nursery is just around the corner and Conor will need to hit the ground running. Not literally of course.

So here we are. The poor washing machine doesn’t know what’s hit it. The spinner has been spared soil, those pants go straight to the bin. Life’s too short for that carry on.

But a word of warning. Avoid removing night time pull up pants in haste thinking it’s just wet. That can end in tears…and with a handful of the wrong stuff!

The other day, we had four pairs of trousers and pants in circulation before 8am. Honestly, not even Dot Cotton could have kept up with this productivity.

As for daddy, complete novice, he has to remember not to get angry, it’s not the wee guy’s fault. Encourage, encourage, encourage.

Wet sofas, sloppy wooden floors, retreivers running for the hills, it’s all part of the gig. This is but a small chapter we must endure. There were no warning signs, I doubt there’s a full proof manual; one of life’s little journeys of pee and poo.

“Need the toilet Conor?” “No daddy.” “Sure Conor?” “Yes daddy.” … “Ahh Conor, why didn’t you tell daddy?”

And so it goes on.

Think we’ve turned a corner this week. Conor got through a couple of days accident free at nursery. No question the team there know what they’re doing and have helped no end.

Back home with daddy things slip, but hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel – or poo in the potty – soon.

As for last night’s dinner? Paddy came back from the hills, he never misses a good thing.


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