I love being daddy but I miss being a husband…

I lost everything and gained everything. For many with more time, this can happen in reverse. Not this story. We went from the ecstatic highs to the earth-shattering lows without breath in between.

A year ago today Conor’s dear mum and the love of my life took her last breath after a brave battle with cancer. A disease that came back with a vengeance, locked the kindest soul you could ever meet into her own failing body before quickly taking hold from within.

Behind every door there is a story. We are no different, there is heartache and hope everywhere if you look closely enough. For us it was the highs of seeing Conor come into this world on June 3rd, 2015, to two weeks later being told it wasn’t a difficult pregnancy Gillian endured, it was much more serious than that.

We hoped and prayed Gill had overcome the bladder cancer with a successful operation. For a short time we believed, lived some sort of normality, before the raging intruder took hold – and far too quickly.

We are one year on to the day since Gill’s passing. It feels like the right time to spill some thoughts onto a page, or rather let the fat fingers roam free on the keyboard.

The heavy, laden times have been documented but have yet to air. They may never see light of day, time will tell. They were written amid so much fear, confusion, anger and even hope, but they may be best served to a lone audience.

No, this aims to be a different story. Much has happened in the last 12 months, we are ‘back home’ in Northern Ireland and we continue to take strength from our guardian angel. Some days are tougher than others, but we find a way. We keep moving forward.

We are surrounded by loved ones this side of the water and have our Scottish family close by. One year on, it’s Conor, Paddy and Daddy with our angel always in our hearts.

#ConorPaddyDaddy #AlwaysInOurHearts

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