Storage full…stop getting clogged up

My word, there’s some nonsense on my phone. I’m talking pictures! Is it any wonder iCloud keep rattling my door and saying, hey sailor your storage is almost full! Let that be a warning to you, for I’m coming back and next time it’s serious, I’m bringing with me the big stick. Yip, I mean it, storage full! Then what you gonna do?

True enough, we move around like Lord Litchfield behind the lens snapping away, trigger happy thinking we’ve captured a moment in time. Fact is, we’ve likely gathered up a convoluted, duplicated load of rubbish. (This is not always the case I might add, but is more often than not in my case, especially when Conor gets his hands on the phone).

I recently broke into my own weather-beaten electricity box for a meter reading at the new address. Another forgettable moment captured was the serial number of the Dyson, for without a morsel of suction, that rollerball of repute refused to play ball on the carpets.

There’s also the Jamie Oliver guff straight from the oven, the mediocre lasagne that no one really wants to see, let alone taste, but it still makes its way onto your Facebook timeline! Or how about the navel gazing pic of the new curtains because you managed to put a curtain pole up straight!

Seriously, is this the sort of non-descript material those in the ivory towers need to store and protect in some cloud?  It’s certainly the sort of megabyte tripe I need to start offloading to make way for the good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, there is good stuff. Richer content (video in particular) is the currency these days, so it’s inevitable we’re going to get clogged up more often.

But surely there’s a better way. Disruptive. I hear that word more and more these days. I wish someone could disrupt my photogenic ways for the better because continually managing my device storage is neither fun nor productive.

Time for another backup and a clean slate.


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